Jan 162014

Happy New Year 2014 here we go

Free Litecoins

Free Litecoins

This time last year you could pick up one Litecoin for around 7 cents yep you read right 7 cents..$100 worth of litecoins then is now worth around $30,000 yep thirty thousand dollars…

Litecoin is like the silver of crypto currencies,and came to life about 2 years after Bitcoin..so if you have missed the early days of Bitcoin.. you can still get on the Litecoin train for a lot less today.

Litecoin has not got the public awareness that Bitcoin has, but like Bitcoin it is growing in popularity and market capital by the day.

Stepping back to this time year with a $100 to spend  Litecoin easily came out the winner.

Litecoin $30,000 >>Bitcoin  $5,000>>Netflix  $407>>Google  $152>>Microsoft  $133>>Cocoa  $124>> Gold  $80  .

So maybe time to Grab a FREE Litecoin Wallet and Start grabbing some Litecoins  to see what all the hullabaloo is without risking a cent.

If you have your wallet simply click the Coin below.. Have a Great Year.




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