Aug 072011

As you traverse through the Web everyday companies are surreptitiously adding little cookies to your computer to track your beahaviour.. so they can sell or use that information to feed advertising s to you.

Just Click The Pic Above..To See Who Is  Tracking you everytime you surf the Web ,(Ouch) hit the Opt-Out Link and you will see The companies tracking your behaviour and have placed  a cookie on Your Computer..

If you want to opt out of all the listed cookies,  just Scroll Down the Page  , Select All, Then Hit  Submit , and wait for the results …

See Below Why You may want to Use this Free Opt Out

Is Internet advertising really a threat to my privacy?
While advertising networks do collect data on consumers who view their advertising, this data is often anonymous. However, profiles derived from tracking consumers’ activities on the Web can be linked or merged with “personally identifiable information” (PII). It can also be combined with offline purchase data or information collected via a survey, census, or registration form. These activities are most often invisible to consumers. All that consumers see are the Websites they visit and the advertising that is shown on those Websites. Unless the Websites visited by consumers provide notice of the ad network’s presence and data collection, consumers may be unaware that their activities online are being monitored.

What Is A Cookie? (Not the biscuit type)
Cookies are small chunks of data created by a Web server, delivered through a Web browser, and stored on your computer. Cookies provide a means for Websites that you visit to keep track of your online patterns and preferences, as well as identify you as a return visitor.

Get some Control back into your life… Opt Out Now

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