Jul 112011

Free Internet Toolbox

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Jun 272011

Free-mium Domains

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May 262011

Freemium Domains Launching June 2011

At Bz.cm, they think domains should be free.

From the early days of the Internet where Network Solutions charged $35.00/year for .com, .net and .org, until today where you can pickup a discount GoDaddy domain for around $10.00/year, Internet users have been conditioned to pay for domain names.

Not anymore.

Bz.cm offer Freemium Domains – that is with the exception of 1-char, 2-char, 3-char and dictionary words, you can pickup any 3 domains you like for free. $0.00.

Yep…Nada. Nothing. Zilch. El-zip-a-runo.

Want to register webhost.bz.cm?  It’s free (free as in $0.00 — it may not be free as in available.)

How about plasmatv.bz.cm?  mapleleaf.bz.cm?  baldeagle.bz.cm?  All free ($0.00)

On June 2, 2011 these guys are opening the door to the public and expect over 500,000 domains to be registered.

You Can Join right now to get your 3 free domains!

No purchase required. No strings. No catches. Free for life.

EVERY DOMAIN you want is still available.

golfball.bz.cm? available.
coffeecup.bz.cm? available.
internetmarketing.bz.cm? available.

So Why not head over there and stake your Claim ..